Benjamin Moore’s Colour of the Year

Benjamin Moore is a leading colour and design company and each year their teams of designers come up with their trend setting colour palette called Colour Trends.  For 2021 the Colour Trends - Colour of the year is Aegean Teal 2136-40 and it is an integral component of the full colour palette consisting of 12 vibrant and yet complimentary colours.

Aegean Teal is a blend of blue-green and gray, and is an intriguing mid-tone that creates natural harmony.  It has a complimentary palette of 11 other colours that can be used to accent Aegean Teal, or they can become the main colour focal point, with Aegean Teal as complimentary splashes of colour in any room.

With this trend setting colour palette, one can nourish the spirit with the comforting, sunbaked hues.  Celebrate the simple pleasures—think the faded rumple of linen sheets in the morning and perfectly ripened fruits on the windowsill. The twelve hues in the palette radiate warmth and wellbeing.  These are colours that make your home feel even more like home.