What to look for in an Interior paint

Colour richness

Benjamin Moore paints are formulated with their own resins and tinted with proprietary Gennex colorants, delivering colour that will remain vibrant for years to come.

Low and Zero VOC, low odour

Gennex colorants contain zero VOCs and exceed some of the industry's strictest environmental standards, so you can choose from a range of low-VOC options, all with low odour and exceptional performance.  (VOC is Volatile Organic Compounds in off-gassing of materials)


Specifically designed for high-traffic areas, Benjamin Moore's durable paints are formulated to stand up to repeated cleaning without compromising colour richness or finish.


Benjamin Moore paints are formulated for improved hide, covering even dark colours easily, allowing you to get the job done quickly.

Paint & Primer together

No more waiting for the primer to dry.  With Benjamin Moore paint-and-primer together paints, you can just choose your dream colour and begin painting.