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VERSATILE: Use your existing single and extension ladders on stairs. Micro-adjustable to 1/8" for use on almost any stairs

USE WITH MULTIPLE LADDERS: Swap ladders instantly, always use the right ladder for the job

CHECK YOUR STAIR SIZE: Ladder-Aide Pro is compatible with stairs between 4.921" and of 7.875" high , and between 8.268" and 13.975" deep

LADDER SPECS: Designed for Type I, IA, and IAA ladders, both aluminum and fiberglass ladders. MAX BASE WIDTH: 22 inches. MAX FOOT SIZE: 7.5 inches

WHICH LADDER-AIDE IS RIGHT FOR YOU? The original Ladder-Aide is smaller and lighter. The Ladder-Aide Pro can handle the biggest and heaviest fiberglass ladders. Make sure to pick the right one

EASY TO SET UP, EASY TO USE: No installation required, sets up in minutes. Move from stair to stair with no hassle

Meets and exceeds ANSI-ASC weight standards for ladders (ANSI-ASC A14.8-2013), and complies with the 9.1.1 Foot Slip Test