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Big Stretch Flexible Caulking 310 ml

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Big Stretch is a high-performance water-based elastomeric window, door & siding caulk that won't just stretches.

Caulk needs to stretch.  That's why you need Big Stretch. It has powerful adhesion to many surfaces and great flexibility. It will twist, bend, compress, and stretch to handle all of the movement homes can dish out.


Superior adhesion & elasticity

Allows the caulking to stretch as your home moves instead of tearing or cracking, even handling wide joints with no slump.

Unparalleled UV & weather resistance

Prevents the caulk from cracking and discoloring, even in the most intense UV exposure, making it perfect for interior and exterior projects.

Easy to use & easy water clean up

Unique commercial-grade performance in a water-based formula that goes on smoothly, tools easily, and is easy to clean up with just water.

Paintable without the paint gloss

Compatible with latex paint and most oil-based paints, sealers, and stains and won’t cause paint gloss, making it easy to use on any color.