Bossman Felt Floor Protection 3'X82' Roll - New Look Interiors

Bossman Felt Floor Protection 3' wide Rolls

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Whether you're a professional contractor or a serious DIY'r no one likes it when their floors get scratched! You can protect any surface that you don't want to scuff, scratch or dent with Boss Man.

Boss Man is made of a premium white polyester fabric that has been covered with a durable polyethylene layer. This waterproof layer will not allow any water to seep through the fabric and get to the surface you are protecting.

On the other side of the polyester is a tacky undercoat that allows the fabric to stick to stairs, carpet, hardwood floors, linoleum, concrete, vinyl, painted surfaces, and more! The tacky undercoat will not leave any glue residue to clean up.  

This product is extremely durable and is also reusable!

- 3' wide x 82' long (246 sq. ft.)

- or 3' wide x 32' long (96 sq. ft.)