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Sansin Wood Wash

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Restore the natural tones of your wood surface.

When it comes to restoring the natural color of even the most damaged and weather-beaten wood surfaces, Sansin Wood Wash will get the job done. Wood Wash is highly effective in removing unsightly weathering, mold, algae, mildew, staining and extreme oil and grease – and it works fast. Simply spray your wood surface, allow to sit for up to 20 minutes, rinse off and let dry. Then apply the attached package of Sansin Wood Lightener – and watch as the beautiful natural color of your wood emerges as it dries.


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  • Our colors have been optimized for accurate viewing across a variety of media. However, due to differences in how screens display color, actual color may vary. See your dealer for details.
  • Color may vary depending on texture, grain, color, porosity and type of wood and may not be exactly as illustrated.
  • Always test the purchased product on an inconspicuous part of the project to ensure the color and transparency meet expectations of your control sample.