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Insl-X Fire Retardant Latex Paint

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Insl-x ® Fire Retardant Paint is a high-quality latex decorative, intumescent, fire retardant coating for interior ceilings, walls and trim. This product provides a high-hiding flat finish that retards flame spread by reacting to heat and forming a thick cellular char blanket (intumescence). By reducing excessive heat penetration, this product retards flame spread and minimizes smoke generation. It is suitable for primed or previously painted wood, drywall, cellulose tile, cured plaster, masonry and metal. It applies like a conventional latex paint, low in VOCs, and washes without spotting.

  • Intumescent product
  • Class "A" when tested in accordance with ASTM E84 / UL 723 & ASTM E2768
  • Applies like a regular paint
  • Soap and water cleanup
  • Low VOC

Insl-X Fire Retardant Paint (FR-210)